Speakers confirmed

We are excited to announce our full line-up of speakers for the four events of the series!

25th Nov 2019 Session 1: Racialised bodies and anxiety 

Register for session 1 here!

How is inequality in the workplace articulated for people of colour? We will discuss anxiety, power dynamics and discrimination.

Speakers: Akile Ahmet and Deborah N Brewis

Workshop: Creative research methods, led by Anke Strauss

21st Feb 2020 Session 2: Pregnancy and fertility 

Register for session 2 here!

How can pregnancy and fertility affect individuals’ work? We will consider physical and psychological perspectives.

Speakers: Ilaria Boncori and Astrid Huopolainen

Workshop: Embodied writing, led by Deborah N Brewis

24th Apr 2020 Session 3: Pain and interventions on the body 

Register for session 3 here!

What are the consequences of both chronic and acute experiences of pain, due to ill health, disability, or interventions made on the body? We will discuss interactions between workplace practice and identities

Speakers: Saoirse O’Shea and Kate Sang

Workshop: Collaboration, led by Olimpia Buchiellaro

12th Jun 2020 Session 4: Menstrual cycles 

Register for session 4 here!

What is the impact of menstrual cycles on careers? We will explore issues including period poverty, menstruation and endometriosis

Speakers: Lara Owen and Victoria Williams.

Workshop: Publishing embodied work, led by Jenny Helin co-editor of the 2019 Special Issue ‘Writing Differently’ in Management Learning

Each session will include a panel discussion with representatives from the third-sector including:

For further details of the event and to book a place, please visit our Eventbrite pages linked above.

The event is FREE and travel bursaries for students and ECRs are available on a first-come-first-served basis. To apply for a bursary, please send a short statement to bodyofworkseminar@gmail.com

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